Why You Should Consider Woodlands As Your Preferred Neighborhood

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Are you planning to buy or rent a HDB flat but have not decided which neighborhood to buy or rent yet? Whenever someone mentions HDB in Woodlands they would then mention “Johor Bahru” or “Malaysia”. Older generation would then comment on its location of being too far away or in other word, “ulu”. But that is not the only thing about staying in Woodlands. This article will guide you through what is in Woodlands and you might even consider living in Woodlands after reading.
     💫  Wholesale seafood supplier
Are you a sashimi lover? Are you obsessed with salmon sashimi? Do you enjoy yourself the most at the sashimi station whenever you go for a buffet? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, you will definitely love Woodlands. Fassler Gourmet is a seafood supplier that supplies more than 200 different types of seafood products, think lobster, scallops, prawns, crayfish sashimi and etcetera.

It will definitely be cheaper to buy sashimi at a wholesale price as compared to having a sashimi feast at any Japanese restaurants.  For example, it will cost you around $35 to enjoy lunch at Sakae Sushi for lunch and I am pretty sure you will eat more than 4 plates. Whereas, you will be able to get 500g of salmon sashimi at only $22, pre cut. That is totally affordable and you get to satisfy your salmon sashimi craving without worrying too much on the bill. You can even buy a whole fish of salmon sashimi if you are having any gatherings or party with your friends and family. You will definitely be spoilt with different choices at Fassler Gourmet.

2     💫 Woodlands Waterfront Park
Do you enjoy jogging or cycling? If yes, Woodlands Waterfront Park is for you as it is long enough for you to do your workout and it is connected to Admiralty Park through Northern Explorer Loop. Woodlands Waterfront Park is 1.5km long and it is 11 hectare huge. The jetty in Woodlands Waterfront Park is 400m long and it is the longest jetty in Singapore. During the weekends, there will be some fishermen waiting patiently at the jetty trying to fish as well. Having a bad day at work? Why not enjoy yourself and take some time off to chill while enjoying the view of the Causeway and the straits of Johor Bahru? If not, you can always take a romantic stroll along the park with your loved one

3     💫 Enjoy healthy salad with only $3
Feeling fat because you have indulged way too much over the weekend? You can start detoxing by opting for salad instead of rice or noodles. Most importantly, it is cheap. If you enjoy eating clean or eating salad, you will be overjoy to know you can enjoy a bowl of salad at only $3 at The Crowded Bowl instead of $10 for a bowl of salad that you find elsewhere. The Crowded Bowl is a wallet friendly, vegetarian salad stall at Level 3, The Lawn Food Court of Republic Polytechnic. At The Crowded Bowl, you get a base of greens with two regular sides and a premium side, not forgetting dressing with a choice of balsamic vinaigrette, Japanese sesame, or orange marmalade. Do not be fool by its price of $3, a bowl of salad at The crowded Bowl is surprisingly filling enough.

4    💫 Desserts after a swimming session
Most people feel hungry after a few laps of swimming. Worry not, you can drop by Citrus By The Pool after swimming at Woodlands Swimming Complex to satisfy your sweet tooth, or cure your grumbling stomach. Citrus By The Pool is a halal certified café that serves Western food, Asian food and coffee. Do not forget to try on their fluffy pancakes as well.

5    💫 Cravings satisfied with waffles and ice cream
If fluffy pancakes are not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can pay a visit to Two Plus One. Two Plus One is a café that serves waffles with ice cream. You can choose from their classic waffle, buttermilk waffle or the charcoal waffle. Pair it with the famous Crème Brulee with Figs ice cream and you will definitely love it. Another good thing, Two Plus One is open until 12am so if you are feeling hungry in the middle of the night but hawker food is too heavy for supper, try Two Plus One.

Are you convinced yet? If you are planning to buy a resale HDB flat in Woodlands, check out the table below to know how much you will need:

3 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
5 bedrooms

In conclusion, Woodlands in Singapore is no longer considered as an “ulu” neighborhood. After all, public transportation is really convenient in Singapore and you can go anywhere you like easily, either by MRT, buses or taxis.  You will definitely enjoy your stay in Woodlands. 


  1. Setuju. Dah byk bukti penempatan yg dulu mcm tempat jin bertendang sekarang mula ramai dgn penduduk. Harga rumah pun semakin naik. Tak rugi untuk long term investment.

    1. Kann kak. Sekarang dah banyak pilihan cuma terletak pada kita lah sama ada nak beli atau pun tak. Nani ni pun dah plan nak menabung sikit sikit dari sekarang, akan datang nak jugak rasa ada aset, hasil titik peluh kita sendiri. Nak jugak merasa ada rumah sendiri nanti. Heheh :)

  2. wow...tengok harganya....mungkin nanti akak boleh tolong suggest pada kawan-kawan yang berminat...good info nani.

    1. Harga rumah sekarang memang macam tu kan rate sekarang. Tq kak! Mana lah tahu kan ada yang tengah mencari sekarang.

  3. fengsan nk ddk woodlands... serba serbi mahai

    1. Kalau ada financial yang kukuh, tak ada hal lah kan. Heheh. Nani ni pun baru berjinak jinak nak menabung, inshaAllah target sebelum 30 paling tak dah ada rumah sebijik :D

  4. harga hartanah skang makkk aihhhh. dengan gaji kerani ni. adoiii

    1. Itu lah rate sekarang ni mek. Heheh. InshaAllah slow slow kita menabung okay!

  5. ohooooohoi.. kalau kaya ni beli dah =D


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