The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers to Choose

Assalamualaikum & Hello. 
Mother’s Day is one of the very special days we need to celebrate. People in all around the world celebrate this special occasion in order to honor women, especially mothers; to give such an appreciation and respect to them for all that they have been doing for her children and her family. However, there are several different days of Mother’s Day, one country might have different Mother’s Day date with another country, but what we know is that Mother’s Day is generally celebrated around Sunday of May which will be on May 12, this 2019. Why don’t you think about your Mother’s day flowers from now?
It is important for you—for all of us—to remember this day and use this day as a chance to honor, give appreciation, and expressing our love to our mothers. Mothers are the first one who deserves our priority in life, after all. And to celebrate this special day, flowers will always be a great way.
Mother’s day flowers are one of the very best gift choices you could make for your Mother’s Day gift. Mother’s day flowers even already become a widely done tradition in several countries where people would like to buy and pick the most beautiful flower bouquet for their mum. And the easiest way to do this is by using an online flower delivery service.
However, you have to choose your Mother’s day flowers right. You have to put some considerations such as the meaning of the flower, your mother’s likes or your mother’s preferences, and most importantly is to avoid your mom’s dislikes. Now it is your time to do a little research and choose the most suitable flowers for your mum.
Even so, when we are talking about Mother’s day flowers, Chrysanthemums and Carnations are the perfect choices; they are even the official flower of Mother’s Day and the most common choice for Mother’s day flower gift. The main reason is because of the representations this flower has:
Generally, the Carnation flower express love. Specifically, the white Carnation represents the purity of love and luck; light red Carnation represents admiration; Dark red Carnation represents affection and deep love; and pink Carnation represents a mother’s undying love. Meanwhile, Chrysanthemums represent loyalty, honestly, longevity, fidelity, joy, optimism, and of course, the love for mothers.
You can then send Mother’s Day flowers by using online florist. Whatever flower that you choose for your mum, make sure that you pay considerations to the flower colors and the flower meanings. What is then the favorite flowers of your mother?


  1. it there's chocolate, it would be perfect

    1. Yass! But I would prefer bouquet flower like this heheh :)

  2. cantik-cantiknya Nani, pandai padanan warna yang lembut kan :)

    1. Cantik sangat kak Ana, kalau dapat ni mahu senyum sampai telinga. Hahaha!


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